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Taking Action

The sudden breakout of COVID-19 has raised a great need for reliable testing and treatment solutions. Our relationships with medical manufacturers makes sourcing and procuring these medical equipment easy. With us, many ASEAN governments have managed to obtain COVID-19 test kits and treatments to contain the spread and care for their infected.

Besides COVID-19, we can also source test kits and treatments for other diseases such as dengue, malaria, and influenza. We can help you with diseases that are region-specific or globally classified as a pandemic.

Building Bridges

LRY Group has a proud record of helping foreign governments meet their challenges head-on. We've helped them form strong connections with other nations. We can help you navigate foreign relationships and create opportunities you need to get the solutions you want.

Create Unity with Us.

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We’re passionate about helping specialists set up and start their own private practices; from getting the right sign offs, to sourcing equipment, to branding and marketing. Already operating a health and pharmaceutical business? Great! We love setting you up for long-term sustainability and success as well.


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