Board of Advisors
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Board of Advisors

Zoran Naumoski

Advisor for Energy and Resources; Industrial Manufacturing; Retail, Wholesale and Supply Chain
Zoran Naumoski worked in the Oil and Gas industry in a supervisory role for 24 years. His areas of expertise were contract implementation, supervision, reviews, stock control, and logistics.

He spent four years as a Chief Supply Chain Officer for VP Advance Nature and Better Nature Australia where he developed and implemented processes and procedures for logistics. This included maintaining the manufacturing contracts with suppliers.

Dr Mahen Nadarajah

Advisor for UK, EU and ASEAN
Dr Mahen Nadarajah is an endovascular neurosurgeon, diagnostic neuroradiologist and endovascular surgeon working for King’s Health Care Ptd Ltd and the National University Hospital in Singapore.

He is one of only a handful of fully practicing neurointerventional radiologists covering both public and private hospitals in Singapore. He has published numerous peer reviewed papers, developed new, unique, innovative techniques and is an examiner for the Royal College of Radiologists 2B courses.

Dr Nadarajah presently holds the post of Head of the Cerebrovascular Unit and is on the medical board for a number of hospitals.

Spiro Zafiris

Advisor for Government and Public Sector
Spiro Zafiris has over 30 years of experience in telecommunications and has worked in management roles over 20 years. His main focus has been on planning network infrastructure.

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